Improving the way mid-sized businesses borrow

The best businesses use Hailstone to connect with the right lenders.

Get the best terms from the right lender

Hailstone connects you with all lenders relevant to your business, so you find the best fit and the best terms.

Prepare for underwriting up front

Hailstone’s virtual underwriting workflow captures everything you’ll need to skip the back and forth with lenders and get straight to substantial discussion.

Focus on the right lenders

Show lenders a snapshot of your business and avoid wasting time with those that don't understand it or won’t offer competitive terms. Only lenders you approve can see your business’s complete profile.

Look beyond the banks you know

Engage all relevant lenders in days, not months. Find your next lender faster so you can focus on your business.

Find and close more business

Hailstone makes finding and closing mid-sized commercial loans easy and fast.

Find borrowers that fit your criteria

Hailstone's business snapshots allow you to quickly filter out businesses that aren’t a good fit.

Expedite your underwriting

With basic underwriting information already prepared, you can immediately focus on substantive interaction with the leadership team. Close in 4 weeks instead of 16.